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Far Beyond Shaping

I've always been fascinated by the fact that you don’t need more than your two hands to go out and shape. Just find yourself a room painted with contrast color and a blank of whatever.

For the past two month or so me and my family travelled Portugal as myself trying to find the right Time & Space to do my act of shaping .It’s not hard if you don’t know what you’re looking for …

Lots and lots of “surfing industry” here in good old Portugal ,as for the rest of the world a lot more than surfs the mind…Everybody trying to bring the next thing ,flex blanks ,bat tail ,crab rail ,bio resin , reinforced carbon kryptonite cloth WTF???

As my Phantom pain in my arms grew stronger, for I didn’t shape for quite a long time now, I finally decided to go and meet Bruno.

Bruno is the guy that figured it all about the “Surfing Industry” through thick & thin. I must add. All the major brands went through his door and he is sick & tired of it. “I know them all I’ve done them all”. After a quick “who are you and who am I” he started to walk through caves and maze to show me around. He managed to establish himself one of a kind surfing business .From blanks to boards he makes it all!!! “I do blanks, I do CNC cutting, I have glassers , from liquid to a surfboard”.

“Eu amo o mar”(I love the ocean) ,he said ,”that is why I’m doing all of this .I know that I won’t be able to buy myself a “Porsche” …

Right away I wanted to start shaping for I found myself a place where EGO is no longer a component in a surfboard prescription .Bruno put a blank on the shaping rack and right away I started my act .For a second I thought about this bizarre circumstances , we’ve just met 10 min ago…

As the shape progressed I’ve started to feel that my hand are far ahead from my mind and that that dissonance is what I was eager to feel and to experience once again the magick dance of shaping on this trip to Portugal .

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    Great piece, give us more!

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